Friday, September 19, 2014
Kyle Figure Skating Club was formed in 1982 within Ayr Ice rink, and has, over the years produced some of Britain's top class skaters. The club was formed in 1982 by a group of sixteen dedicated parent and skaters and has successfully increased its numbers on a regular basis


A huge well done to Alan Eadie, Gary Kidd, Mike Haslam and Josh Thomson's dad for their great car washing efforts and skills.  They raised over £40.00 for club funds.  Not bad at all for four enthusiastic dads!!


Events in September




Well done to all of our skaters who skated in Ayr Open IJS competition today.  A special well done to Caitlin Eadie who took 3rd place in the 11 years Beginners competition.

Also well done to Sophie Alexander, Lucy Murray and Katie Trotter for their excellent performances in their first open competition.  Onwards and upwards girls you did the club proud.

Good luck to all those skating tomorrow and Sunday.  Best skate forward and remember that Kyle smile.


Well done today to Libby Raeside who took 3rd place in the Level 1 Ladies 11 years and under, to Niamh Scullion who placed 2nd in the Level 2 Ladies and to Katie Timmins who won the Level 3 Ladies and to Tegan Brooke who took third place.  Not all our skaters took medals today but every skater did themselves proud and were a credit to their coaches and to Kyle Club.  Well done ladies.

Again, good luck to our skaters taking part in their various competitions tomorrow.


What a fantastic final day for our young skaters.  Cordelle started the morning off by placing 3rd in the Level 4 Ladies, Christy King followed by winning the Level 5 Ladies, Teigan Horne took 1st place and Holly Yates 2nd place in the Level 6 Ladies, Sophie Kidd took 2nd place in the Level 7 Ladies, Lucy Merrilees won the Level 8 Ladies with Sylvhanna Horne continuing her excellent performances to win the Level 9 Ladies.

Well done to every single skater who competed this weekend your were all fantastic.  You all did Kyle club proud.


Sheffield 2014

Beautiful clean skates from Sylvhanna and Jessica today in the ladies junior free programme!!



Good luck to our four skaters competing this coming week in the IJS Sheffield 2014.

Shannon Carrick.           -          Advanced Novice Secrion

Lucy Merrilees.              -          Advanced Novice Section

Sylvhanna Horne.          -          Junior Ladies Section

Jessica McCrum.           -          Junior Ladies Section

Best skate forward ladies.





Doreen and Cheryl are planning a second hand book sale for Saturday 23 August it would be appreciated if you could hand in to them any books that you may be finished with.  Both adult and children's books greatly appreciated.  Thank you.


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